730 Deep Breaths

A 730 day journal- documenting the life of a woman with mental illness.

A Kind Thank You


I cannot believe the amount of followers I have obtained in the last 5 days of writing this blog. Honestly, I am a bit shocked.

I keep finding myself re-reading my posts trying to figure out if maybe I am filling my writing with uncanny wit that leaves you all mesmerized. But then I actually get over myself.

In fact, in the essence of improving my life and my attitude- I will resist the urge to belittle my skills as a writer, and bully myself into victimization.

I can take one very positive guess, and say that the very thing that is drawing people to this blog is its relatability.

I have spent all (practically) 23 years of my life seeking someone to befriend that has my same struggle. I always yearned for that bond you experience over hardships. Yet, I have never come across a single person that suffers an equal suffering.

Recently, I have almost decided that this was best. I could see myself absorbing my way into another anxious person’s life and feeding off each others’ worry and fear. It is probably best that I don’t, but at the same time I still want that friend that just gets it.

But- nonetheless- thank you for following, thank you for caring, and thank you for reading. It brings me great happiness to see that follower tally increase every day.

Please feel free to comment on anything- I always respond.

I have made new friends in all of you. And I can never repay you for standing by me in this pivotal moment in my life.


4 thoughts on “A Kind Thank You

  1. No one can fully understand another’s existence and the hardships that come with it…..but that doesn’t mean you are alone in your struggles….. 🙂

  2. The community on here is incredible, isn’t it. I too was blown away by the support and friendship that comes from writing a blog.

  3. Acceptance is important, and it sounds like you are well on your way to accepting who you are. It’s funny how embracing your “weaknesses” will gain you strength, but it’s true, and it does. Love yourself! 🙂

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