730 Deep Breaths

A 730 day journal- documenting the life of a woman with mental illness.

Picture Post

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I have decided to leave any images of my family, boyfriend, or friends out of this blog. I have chosen to revoke my right to privacy, they have not. So, I will not tie them to a blog that could negatively affect their lives.

However, I have posted some photos below of myself, my cats, my life- to help us connect a little more. I know as a follower of many blogs, I always love the posts that let me dive a little deeper into who a person is. So why deny you the same right?

The Voice Behind This Blog 


My Artwork- Remake



Home Sweet Home


My Photography



My Cats- Nash and Kobe



A Must-Have Book for the Anxious


The Gorgeous View from my Front Yard


Hope you enjoyed the random array of photos. Feel free to share some of your as well!!

By the way, moment of clarity happening RIGHT NOW! I have had this obsession with having exactly four related articles for every post. I am way too controlling over things that don’t matter. So screw this unrealistic need to have four perfect posts! I am going to leave three, and resist all urges to correct the problem.


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